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Steve wozniak dating

Fiercely private, Jobs concealed most specifics about his personal life, from his curious family life to the details of his battle with pancreatic cancer — a disease that ultimately claimed him on Wednesday, at the age of 56.remember him as today." data-reactid="20"While the CEO and co-founder of Apple steered most interviews away from the public fascination with his private life, there's plenty we know about Jobs the person, beyond the Mac and the i Phone.

His sister is a famous author Later in his life, Jobs crossed paths with his biological sister while seeking the identity of his birth parents.His birth mother, Joanne Simpson, was a graduate student at the time and later a speech pathologist; his biological father, Abdulfattah John Jandali, was a Syrian Muslim who left the country at age 18 and reportedly now serves as the vice president of a Reno, Nevada casino.While Jobs reconnected with Simpson in later years, he and his biological father remained estranged.2.But at home in Palo Alto, Jobs was raising a family with his wife, Laurene, an entrepreneur who attended the University of Pennsylvania's prestigious Wharton business school and later received her MBA at Stanford, where she first met her future husband.skipped a meeting to take Laurene on their first date: "I was in the parking lot with the key in the car, and I thought to myself, ' If this is my last night on earth, would I rather spend it at a business meeting or with this woman?' I ran across the parking lot, asked her if she'd have dinner with me.

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His sister, Mona Simpson (born Mona Jandali), is the well-known author of 5.

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