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However, their arrival date in the new world was about 10,000 BCE or earlier.Thus, the migration is unrelated to activities in the Book of Mormon.

None of these claims has stood up to examination by reputable scholars."With his limited education, the Mormon founder Joseph Smith could not have written the Book of Mormon because its extensive use of Hebraic names and expressions would have been beyond his ability to write."The Book of Mormon [sic] patterns of seasonal warfare, festival celebrations at certain times of the year, religious gatherings, travels, kingship coronations, political turmoil as well as warfare, the keeping of records, natural calamities" all agree with the archaeological record.

There is no correspondence whatever between archeological sites and cultures as revealed by scientific investigations and as recorded in the Book of Mormon, hence the book cannot be regarded as having any historical value from the standpoint of the aboriginal peoples of the New World." F. To date, no actual evidence to confirm the Book of Mormon has been found, although many LDS believers have faith that it will be uncovered in the future.

A popular saying in the field of archaeology is that no evidence of existence is not evidence of non-existence.

The immigrants: One group, the Nephites, kept the Law of Moses.

The other group, the Lamanites abandoned the beliefs of the Israelites.

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"...horned incense burners, models of house types, wheel-made pottery, cement, the true arch, and the use of stone boxes" have been found both in Mesoamerica and the ancient Near East.