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Kitty s matchmaker online dating

PLUS, more than 70 retail merchants are offering a 5% kick back on your prepaid Visa card purchases, too! Check out some of the other awesome vendors you can purchase scrip gift cards for, and help raise money for Indigo Rescue while shopping at your favorite stores or dining at your favorite restaurants! Scrip is regular gift cards, but when you buy them from us, the vendors donate a percentage of the gift card value to Indigo Rescue.It does not cost you extra because you purchase your scrip gift cards dollar for dollar and spend them just like cash! This sweet little German Shepherd puppy was starving to death and needed to have emergency heart surgery for a condition called a “Persistent Right Aortic Arch”.They will stay with us until they pass away from whatever age-related health complications they may have. page to meet these great kiddos and find out how to make a donation to help them.

Her passion was definitely cats, but it certainly didn’t end there.In October, 2012, Imann, a pure German Shepherd, was 15 months old and weighed in at 26lbs.Approximately one third of the weight of an average adult female German Shepherd.and at Mud Bay Timberland (11830 NW Cedar Falls Dr.) on Sunday, December 10 from 11-2.Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, mark your calendar now!

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If they had four legs, she wanted to help provide them a safe life. She made a name for herself in the animal sheltering community by co-founding and co-coordinating multiple organizations and committees to make change.

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