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I pick up her hand and kiss her mark, curious about its meaning but not wanting to talk.

I take in her scent as I explore her body with my mouth, tasting every inch of her.

"Follow me" is all she says and leads me back to the hot studio. She has taken the mats, blankets and pillows and set up a bed of sorts. "I figured I would take a chance" she says as she leads me over to lay down.

I'm not sure I know what to do, I think to myself, but as soon as she's kissing me again I know to just let go and trust my body.

The heat between my legs becomes unbearable and I ache to have her touch me.

As if she can read my mind, she turns the shower off and hands me a towel. "I didn't," she winks at me as she drops her towel.

I take a moment and kiss her mouth hungrily once again, sharing the sweetness of her own nectar and then straddle her open thighs until my hot clit rests on hers. I've never felt this sensation before and I begin to grind my cunt into hers as I hold her bent knee for support. "Slow down," she gently demands, "not yet." I do my best to control but my body is so close to the peak. "Trust me, baby, I know what I'm doing here." I get on my knees, put my head down and clasp my hands together at the top of my head. I head to the yoga studio where I do some part time admin work in exchange for free membership. I really need this class." "I'll be sure to work you hard then!I am dying for a good hot yoga class and my favourite instructor is scheduled for this one. She and I have worked and practiced together for almost a year now and she has a way of always pushing me past my comfort zone and leaving me thankful. " she laughs and I shoot her a quick wink before heading up to the changeroom.It's almost 10 and the class quickly make their way out.I head down to the office and take a quick look at the computer to make sure all is in order before I head to the showers.

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