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The first and most important step in cam maintenance is inspection. If you have any reason to doubt the integrity of a camming unit, (or any of your gear) heed your instincts and retire it.

If it is a Metolius product, you can send it to us for inspection.

You should destroy retired gear to prevent any chance of future use. If they are worn unevenly or have been flattened in a hard fall, it probably means that the cam has lost its shape and is unsafe to use. There should be some free-play, but too much play indicates that the axle holes in the cams have become oval.

Compare the free-play to a new cam of the same size to get an idea of how much is acceptable. It is okay to tweak the cable to straighten it after a fall, but if any of the wire strands that make up the cable have been broken or severely kinked, the unit needs to be retired.

We don’t offer repair kits for the triggers because we like to get damaged or worn cams back in-house for a thorough inspection. Keep your cams away from any corrosive substances or solvents.

Acids are exceptionally bad for cam slings and other nylon climbing equipment.

Another thing to keep in mind is that all carabiners, as well as some harness buckles and nuts are made of the same high-strength aluminum alloy as cam lobes, and are very susceptible to saltwater corrosion.

Using compressed air to blow the cams out while still wet can help. No amount of lube will restore good action to a dirty cam, so make sure your cams are cleaned thoroughly.If you can see the Kevlar core, it’s time to replace the cords.Replace the slings if you see any signs of damage (cuts, abrasion, broken stitching or discoloration), after a severe fall or after five years.MCL can be applied to wet parts, but it will take longer to dry before becoming a waterproof, dirt-repelling shield.Special Instructions for Maintaining Cams in Saltwater Environments Sea-cliff climbing presents an added challenge to keeping your cams working smoothly.

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