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Relationships should be continually developing and loving and giving, not something that just cuts off after a certain amount of time.

There is no excuse, no reason that allows someone in a relationship to be treated poorly.

You need to be addressing the issues as they are now. Is the religion issue making one of you hostile or walled off?

Are you afraid of hostility or being shut-out if you were honest? Don't consider how the relationship was years or months ago, and guiltily linger on that.

My liberal feminist mother couldn't take it and we switched to a progressive Methodist church instead, a return to her childhood religious roots.

While I don't feel like I had a particularly religious upbringing, I clearly did. I dumped the idea of a male God and instead prayed to the pagan concept of the Goddess for years.

This may sound strange, but dwelling on the past is not healthy, even if the past is positive.

The cycle of abuse shows a relationship model of attacks, apologetics, happiness, tension building, and then more attacks, whether it's physical, psychological or emotional.

If there's a history of domineering, disrespect, manipulation, hostility or other outbursts, then do keep that in mind.

Those are all kinds of controlling behaviors, and abuse is about control.

Here's a great guide about the kinds of relationship abuse, along with great extra resource links at the bottom.

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