Adult cambridge

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Adult cambridge

If your purchase is supposed to be a surprise (how awesome), contact us and we'll help you in keeping it a secret.Check out our interview with Jason Wang, chef and instructor at Cambridge Center for Adult Education as he prepares dumplings (one of his many culinary talents)!Each term, the Cambridge Center (CCAE) offers over 60 cooking classes from Cooking for Beginners to The Seasonal Vegan, from French Cuisine to Oyster Tasting, from Home-style Indian Meals to Cake Baking and Decorating—and much more!Whether you’re looking to build your cooking techniques with a Knife Skills course, try your hand at new cuisines such as Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, or Korean, or learn to create delicious homemade ice cream or Parisian Macarons, CCAE always has something fun and new to try.

All students receive a report and certificate on departure.

Come and check us out and learn about the many advantages of worry-free cooperative living. A housing cooperative is a form of multifamily homeownership.

We provide information by phone, mail, email, or in person and we'd love to give you a tour. The cooperative itself is its own "not-for-profit" corporation, which is owned and operated by the residents.

To find the right qualification for you, use the course search at the top right of this page, or contact our enquiry team on 01223 226315 or [email protected] for help and advice.

Have fun learning a new hobby or developing skills with our great range of leisure courses.

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